For Kay

This one is for my good friend Kay Unger, who became a grandmother TWICE in 4 days earlier this month.  This is a picture of Kay with Eleanor at her birthday last night on the magic pink ottoman in her bedroom in Soho.   Kay makes everything look easy, that is the trick of a real pro.   Dinner parties for 50 friends are always joined by couples she just met on the street.   She always claims there is no food around, and trust me, you have never eaten better - Thanksgiving, Break the Fast, and even her birthday party with take out from  Momofuko - two kinds of chicken - 5 sauces - and banana birthday cake with a crunch that left everyone swooning.

But it is Kay's generosity and friendship and grace that we come to be a part of.  Her open door and unlocked heart that we love and care for.   Kay is the friend who makes you feels extra special and really cares when you need someone to care.  Kay wants to know everything about everything, and always wants to try anything new.

Jackson loves to visit Kay.  He runs circles round and round her loft.   "Look, I am running so fast"  "Look I am racing so fast I can't put on the brakes" and by the end of the night  "Look I am running on fumes...."  Kay is clearing the way for every lap and cheering him on.

There is a very lucky boy named Arthur, and a very lucky girl named Eleanor - who are not going to believe what a great grandmother they have to play with.

Love you Kay!

(below with her sons Sam and Max, Eleanor and Arthur)