Friday in Israel

Love all the preparations for Shabbat.  Families coming together.  The markets, the food being prepared, the deadline of sunset.  We started out with the most remarkable breakfast at a settlement on the west bank.  This is like nothing you can imagine.  Up in the most beautiful mountains, one family opens their cabin for a feast.  Children everywhere.   It all feels like a family you really wanted to be a part of.  Children are so loved here - you see it, you feel it.   Families are the glue that this nation is built on. Then lunch with new friends in Jaffa at the great Dr. Sharshuka's.   Eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce.   Served in the frying pan on the table.  Semolina wrapped lamb sausages.  Beans and couscous.  Carafes of lemonade.

Then the Tel Aviv market - a long alley of olives and spices, mountains of fresh dark cherries, watermelons halved, cold almond juice, and figs.

Classic shabbat dinner.   I was allowed to photograph the kids beforehand, and quickly shoot Einat with her mother, then the camera was put away.