Galid Shalit is coming home

I met Galid's mother and father camped out in Jersusalem in July on day 1842 of their son's captivity.  The news of his release is conflicted like everything in Israel.  1027 prisoners traded for one Israeli soldier.    We included this story in our book on Israel, "We Are Brothers" coming out in November.  Here is what Noam wrote for the book:

"Because most Israeli Jews pass through the armed forces, Israeli citizens feel close to every soldier . A single loss of life on the battlefield is mourned by the entire country, and when a soldier is missing or imprisoned by the enemy, the parents’ agony is shared by all Israelis . Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier stationed near Gaza, was kidnapped from his post more than five years ago . Ever since then, he has been held in captivity and without visitors, against international law, by Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that rules over Gaza . His parents maintain a vigil in Jerusalem near the prime minister’s home, and the cause of his freedom is shared by millions of Israelis and friends ofIsrael around the world.  And yet,Hamas refuses to allow visits to him or consider his release."

The big picture is terrifying.

The homecoming will be incredible.