"Give it to me, Jimmy"

I have photographed Jim Carrey alot through the years.  For movie ads (Liar, Liar, Bruce Almighty).  For magazines (Entertainment Weekly, USA Weekend, Esquire).   For fun.  Always fun.

Jim often invites a kid from the Make A Wish program to the shoot.  For the Esquire Mag. cover shooting, there was a wonderful boy there - maybe 10 or 11 years old.   Jim told the boy he could take some pictures with my camera under one condition: the boy had to direct him.    So the boy climbed up on an apple box, put his eye in my camera, and Jim stood there waiting for direction.   There was a long silence as he fixed his finger on the shutter button.  The studio got nervous wondering whether we have put too much pressure on the boy.   Finally from behind the camera he yelled out, “Give it to me Jimmy!”

The room exploded in laughter.   It was such a brilliant moment.

For Mr. Popper we got to shoot the penguins live in their temporary habitat in Brooklyn.   I took my three year old Jackson to meet them.  He laughed so hard as they came up to him, checked him out, then dove into the pool.  That was before I had to direct the penguins in 34 degrees for hours.   “Give it to me penguins!”