Go See Music

will butler Last night I went to a lounge on Larimer Street in Denver to see Will Butler from Arcade Fire. What I saw was David Byrne in his prime bursting with so much music inside of him he was about to explode. I saw John Lennon tuning his own guitar, plugging it in, and dancing on acid. I saw Alan Cumming's, “ Cabaret” haircut and singing about, “ money money money.” I saw Bruce tuning his own guitar and plugging it in. I saw loud and fast and electric and slow and acoustic and falsetto. I saw Victor Delorenzo from the Violent Femmes playing standing up and losing himself. I saw LCD Soundsystem unfurl their flag and wave it once more. I saw two short women in black singing harmony and sharing a keyboard. I saw someone who could be playing down the street filling the arena on a bar stage just because that is what he wanted to do this summer. I saw the band’s tour bus - a passenger van parked outside on the street. I heard songs that were written last spring as a PR stunt based on articles in the Guardian - one song a day for a week. I saw the guy who was about to kill us all come and stand beside me and cover his eyes when the comedian opener asked everyone to put their paw on their eyes. I turned to take a picture in the dark. I switched the flash on my phone on for the first time and didn’t get the shot. Will Butler right next to me with his eyes covered. He was eating chocolate. The whole night smelled like Hershey PA when I was growing up.

I am going to suggest anyone to anyone who can see this tour to get off your ass. I am going to give you a hint - GO SEE MUSIC! It is always worth it. It comes and is gone forever - and on a night like last night, bangs your compass and gives you a whole new direction.

I am going to suggest you listen to Will Butler’s new album, "Policy" - the deluxe version with the Guardian tracks today. Turn it up loud. Look out. Look out. Look Out. Madonna can’t save you now.