God Love Her

I was sitting at a small Chelsea club a couple of nights after photographing Joan Rivers.  There was a glass of water on my table, I was dying of thirst, and yet I didn't dare reach for the glass.  I would have choked horribly.  I had been laughing non-stop for over a half hour, and would be laughing uncontrollably for alot longer.  Everything Joan was spewing from the stage was so wrong, and yet so incredibly hysterical.  Equal parts brilliant, hurtful, so wrong, and yet - I could not catch my breath.    Stephie said she had not seen me ever laugh so hard for so long. I had the assignment to shoot Joan's cover for the book, "Men are Stupid...and they like Big Boobs".    We had purchased a big pair of plastic boobs to have Joan wear.  We were going to have her hold makeup brushes in one hand, and plastic surgery tools in the other.  When Joan arrived, she said, "get those out of here! I would never pose with those things."    She then disappeared into hair and makeup - and I got my lights set.   When she emerged she was wearing the fake boobs and ready to roll.

If you don't love Joan, or if you do, don't miss reading this incredible profile from NY Mag by Jonathan Van Meter.

"Joan Rivers:  A Piece of Work." is now in theaters.    Rumors are flying that there is an excerpt from our shooting at the beginning of the film.



and a page from Joan's calendar.....