Going straight to jail

I was talking to Marisol at a shooting on Monday.   I asked if she had seen the Tina Fey book yet.  Heard there was a very funny part on photo shoots.   She had not.  Decided to check it out.  Ipad.  Kindle App.   Download.  Search “photo shoot” in downloaded book.  60 seconds total.  We were laughing out loud.  Legally.

New Paul Simon album streaming on NPR this week before it is released.  You can listen to the stream anywhere you have a good internet connection.  Not so good on the train, the street or our gym which is a dead zone.  Captured the stream with Audio Hijack, loaded onto my iphone.  Have listened to the album non-stop.   Next week it will appear on my Rhapsody subscription service, which I pay $14 a month and  can listen legally everywhere it streams.  Next Tuesday you can buy it legally.   Do I have to buy the album to listen offline, when I am paying to hear it streaming online?

We pay $100 a month for cable which works on the one television in the den.   We watch TV in the den maybe once or twice or month.   If I want to watch HBO on my computer or ipad – at least for now – I have to download a torrent illegally to watch something I am paying to watch legally in the den.  Or wait a month or so until you can rent it on itunes – paying twice for the content.

If you have a baby – there is a year there you cannot get to a movie theater if your wife is nursing.   If you want to see a movie playing in a theater you have several choices.  Go alone to the theater. Wait 4 months until it is on pay per view.  Find a friend who is a member of the Film Academy around awards season.  Drug the baby.  Download the movie illegally.   Skip it.

It is one thing asking us not to steal.  It is another thing telling us what viewing device we can watch content we have paid for on.   I totally respect paying for content – and am happy to shell out whatever is fair.   The current system is completely crazy.  It feels like the content companies are really asking honest people to be dishonest.

They need to sit in the airline seat on the little plane to Minneapolis from New York and see what the experience is like. They need to live in our world.   It is really not that complicated.   Honest people charged fairly to use content the way it actually works in their lives.  If they can figure out how to charge us at all - they can certainly figure out a way to charge us fairly for what we want.   I don’t need to own anything.  Come up with a single fee for TV, movies, and music and break it up anyway you want.  Or something that goes to each artist each time you listen or watch.   Or just send some striped pajamas that fit. Everything is available free – better make it easy if you want to stay in the game.

The soundtrack for this past week was the new Paul Simon album, "So Beautiful or So What." Felt alittle guilty watching it get under my skin.   But it got there and swam around all week.   Favorite lyrics read so corny....still - everytime I heard them I stopped and sighed.

"If you shop for love in a bargain store And you don’t get what you bargained for Can you get your money back? If an empty train in a railroad station Calls you to its destination Can you choose another track?"

Coming next week...from the archives (where I rarely roam) - the night I spent with Paul Simon, L.L. Cool J, and L.L.'s grandmother in Queens.