I am in the basement editing Aszure.  Falling for the blurs.  Videochat this morning in the yellow leaves with Jackson putting on a two foot shuffle for his grandparents at Duke.  Was down the street on my wireless connection when I realized how far our connection reaches.   Music loud in the basement.   Have not told you about my Sonos and Rhapsody obsessions - Conor Oberst on down here, Elaine Stritch upstairs with applesauce cooking, further up is some "King and I" for Jackson, further up Stephie has the new Lucinda Williams, further up is the sky.  Finally music everywhere. Wearing the orange shoes I bought in a strange moment.   In Seattle waiting for Stephie, wore brightest orange leather shoes around the store.   Toes too square.  Color is halloween acid orange.   Thought I could pull them on and off.   Only today.  Maybe.

A random note from Ireland to keep this up.  A note from Griffin to make it all work.  A note from Julie to follow up with Vickie.  With all the contractions I keep reminding myself that in the end I am a storyteller.   Still pictures, animated pictures and audio, words.  Iphones, printed pages,cinema screens, gallery walls. Stories to tell.

Have updated all the portfolios on the site, moving some around as we speak.  Updating the downloads.  Updating the blogs (both of them).  New printed portfolios.  Updated our way of thinking everyday.  Hopefully updating the way you see me.

Still feeling that anything older than the last ten minutes is ancient history.