Happy Birthday Asher

Asher BirthdayAsher falls asleep mid-sentence. Like pressing the pause button. A lot can happen for him before his eyes open again. While my job is to look over and protect, I am not invited into his dreams. If I wake up before Asher, a rare occurrence, I go into his room and open the blue curtains. Then I stare at those beautiful closed eyes for a moment. I put my hand on his back to feel the heat and know he is alive. I sit still and take it all in, before beginning to whisper him awake. Asher awakes in a blink, pushes play and begins to finish the sentence he left hanging the night before. My father had two older brothers and an older sister. When my younger brother Andrew was born, he started a club in the neighborhood called, “The Younger Brother’s Club.” He felt that younger brothers needed some extra love and support and wanted them to feel special. Asher is an official member of the “Younger Brother’s Club”, but he is lucky. His older brother tells him everyday how much he loves him and he seals it with a hug. Not that they don’t try to crush each other sometimes. His grandmother’s hold him close and from afar. His mother spends everyday loving him more and more. His father has insisted the younger brother gets photographed just as much as his older brother. Asher doesn’t give but a moment to take the pictures we take everyday.

But oh…. the moments he shares.

Happy Birthday younger brother.

We love you more than we could ever say.