When the NY Times publishes 4 images on the front page taken with the Hipstamatic program on an iphone – something very good is happening. I have been using this program for awhile. It has brought me back to black and white. Somehow trying to desaturate color images is not the same as really seeing in black and white. The beauty of this program is that you cannot totally control it – the film changes on it’s own, the lens, the cropping is all wrong – then it takes over ten seconds between shots. Yet, something magical can happen if you agree to let some luck be a part of the process.

I am sitting in my new space facing south. A space in New York I can close the door and think. Stephie says being alone is a state of mind – but that state has become more and more elusive – and I am hoping I can really dig in here. With water towers silhouetted and a door that closes.

When I left RISD, my last meeting was with Aaron Siskind, one of the great photographers of the 20th century. He looked at my work and said, “You are much better than this portfolio.” Yesterday, at lunch, another mentor said something similar about some work I was about to put out in the world. More of me. Much more. Unless we bury all defenses, all fears, overly cautious editing for the boogy man – it is all a compromise, and not what we were put here to do. Don’t expect the viewer to fill in the blanks. That is not to say explain everything – just flesh out the work – tell the story you are working out in real life.

It is easy as a photographer to hide behind the curtain. All these incredibly boring pictures people are sharing with us – like we should be interested in a line of breadcrumbs that go to their door and never let us in. I need to know who you are, what you are thinking, why this moment is so incredibly special. This applies to me in spades. NO HIDING! NO HOLDING BACK!