I am coming home. After 16 days away. After talking about Creativity to everyone at the Discovery Network in Silver Spring. After portraits of Kay Krill, the head of Ann Taylor in NY. After shooting everyone at The Blaze and my friend Glenn who I finally channeled Welles with. After directing a video for Merrill Lynch in a frigid Minneapolis (thank you John who insisted I do what I do). Did a turn on the Today show back in NY. Then today finished up with all my friends at Cardinal Health - especially Christine Kullberg. I had one day in NY where I had 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, another 4 meetings and a little shooting. I got to stay at the most deluxe digs in the city with Kay Unger. I am coming back home with my head spinning. Most linear thoughts upended. Believing more than ever in what I believe. Pondering the truth in the couple of bad reviews. Feeling heat at my tail. World is spinning very fast. Faster than we know. Faster than we can imagine. Making a list of the reasons to believe.

This shot was from a quick shooting with Cherice Barton and Jeremy Jurin and Summer one morning before I was awake. Signing off here in Columbus with Tom Wait's acceptance speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9laF_joukQs

There are hugs waiting in Boulder with opens arms. I am almost home.3.10