I can see for miles, miles, miles....

Met Bon Iver in person a couple of weeks ago at Jazzfest.  Not to say hello, but to stand holding Stephie only feet away from a performance that had the dozen or so musicians led by Justin Vernon switching instruments on every song.  Percussion to bass.  Sax to guitar.  Keyboard to finger cymbals.    "Bon Iver" comes from the French, "bon hiver" meaning "Have a good winter."    Yet it somehow sounds right on these rainy days of late spring.  Have let their music take me to work and drift off at the end of the day.   Made for rich dreams.

Dreams of skipping rocks and the taste of waterfalls.

Tangled spices. Latent pancake mix with no eggs or milk. Then rice and oats.

From the next room recording Asher waking up although the microphone slipped and is pointing at the ceiling.   "Home....HOME!"

On the train, quick dreams looking out the window with my eyes closed listening to "Halocene." Then reading the saddest article in the Times about a horse's death in Tennessee, after winning the race of it's life.

Not quite raining enough for a rainy day

"I was afraid. I was a boy. I was a tender age."

Sitting under a bridge. Rocks held back by fences.

Train stopped here for a breath. Give it a sip of water and a nice pat.

All the Bon Iver albums are amazing.   This link from a piano duet session in England is not so typical, but wonderful to hear and see.

Start here with the Halocene video.

Here are some links from Jazzfest: