I know


I know so many things it is totally crazy. I know what I am going to be when I grow up. I know who I am going to marry. I know where I am going to college. I know what kind of jeans I am going to wear when I am 15. I know what kind of music I am going to be into, and what instrument is going to come to me like second nature. I know who my best friend is going to be in 7th grade. I know who the next three presidents are. I know what happens in the next chapter. I know where this road leads to. I know how to start three things at once. I know the difference between real and fake. I know what happens to all the fish in the world. I know what my first car will look like. I know how to get to the front of a crowd. I know how to lay really still. I know what smells good. I know how to charm the pants off of anyone. I know how to fake laugh and real cry. I know what other people see in me. I know how to make it so I like it. I know what I need to do. I know when I need to sleep. I know when I am done eating. I know when enough is enough. I know we are all going to be just fine. I wish I could tell you all the things I know, but you have to trust me. It is all looking good from here.