I need you so much closer

This is back when I first met Stephie in 2003.  She was still living on her farm outside of Nashville.  I was driving on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica to LAX on my way to visit her.   KCRW was playing "Transatlanticism" and I was hearing it for the first time.  After about 5 minutes I pulled over, mesmerized by the chorus, "I need you so much closer. I need you so much closer."  It went on for another 10 minutes or so, before they announced the band, "Death Cab for Cutie" who no one had heard of yet.    I went onto the airport, flew to Nashville.  Stephie picked me up with a mouthful of Altoids.

We drove out to the farm and at lunch were checking out the Nashville Scene for what music was going on.   It turns out "Death Cab for Cutie" was playing that very night at a bar downtown.   We went to the show, and there was a line around the block.  It was totally sold out.  I found someone out front who had a single ticket for sale.  Then begged another ticket at the box office.  I told them I had flown in for the show and had a really special date.

After an amazing opening set by Mates of State, Death Cab came on and we were listening to, "Transtlanticism" live, just feet from the band.   I think it is a song about long distance relationships, but sometimes the distance is only inches.