Ice Bucket Annual Ritual

2015.08.02This month the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge goes from a one off viral phenomenon, to an annual ritual. Ice plus Water plus a Bucket plus US equals a true moment where we are part of something truly important and special. Where we say, “In this moment I am all in to support people who are struggling with ALS.” To raise awareness for ALS and funds for a cure. We are also saying, “There is this moment in August when we get together with our friends and family (both live and virtually) and we put love out in the world. LOOK - see for yourself.” Every shot I am posting this month for the ALS campaign on Instagram ( @george.lange) begins by telling the subject, “With these pictures we are putting love out in the world.” And we mean it! Thanks Austin Hedges for posing with your cape!#unforgetttableinstagram #alsIceBucketChallenge#ALSIBC #EveryAugustUntilTheCure #patquinn #mlb#austinhedges #_quinn4thewin_ #petefrates @Padres#Padres