I'm just sayin'

2010.10.24_100 I shot and shot and shot and shot last week.  GB dressed as a car mechanic told me, “you are like a photo whore.  GREAT GREAT WONDERFUL!! THIS IS AMAZING!   Sounds like a hooker.”

Quintuplets and balloon men.  Inked Israelis and women packing tasers.  Men with four wives and cake masters.  The most incredible little couple and motorcycle men.

Our ipad app grows every time I sync my machine as I watch Subalekha do her magic.  Our new web site is being readied in Seattle where Griffin and Ava negotiate type and html5.

We are editing videos and retouching images in Manhattan, in Brooklyn, in Maplewood. Kay took me in, offered up those incredibly soft towels - then fed me bread pudding and hot coffee.  Aszure came back and pushed me into her new performance.  Not kicking, but happy to turn my lens on her again.

Keith Richards on Fresh Air on the birth of Satisfaction - “there’s the song at it’s embryo.  I actually dreamt the whole thing.  I am still waiting for another dream.”

Leon Russell - in the Times - “my hobby is silence”

When the dust settled there was this beautiful new baby in my arms on the porch squinting up at the trees turning burnt orange.  Basking, Indian summer.  There was Jackson dribbling the soccer ball and counting down his final days of being two.   There was Stephie painting a backdrop of 3’s with one hand holding her paint brush and holding Asher to her chest with the other.   There is warm soup on the stove.  All is well.