(I need to preface this story by asking those who know me not to laugh about the martinis)

I found myself having martinis with 4 hot LA designers at Barfly last week.   I knew two of the designers, not the others.  I had not been in LA in so long - there was alot of road to cover.  Pulled out the Cherry Lambic video which left Warren choking on his olive. Planted the new website seed.  Fertilized the new ipad app.   Left stories of new kids and Glenn Beck in the calimari crumbs.

The next week two of the designers were playing in their cover band at the Viper Room, and Warren came over to me.   He said, “I looked at every single image on your new website.  Watched the Cherry Lambic video too many times, read your blog, then watched Cherry Lambic again.”

Warren continued, “All the photographers that show me their work - they just show their greatest hits.   Like everyday they are only brilliant and perfect.    Perfection lacks soul.  When I show my portfolio of movie ads, I always include the worst poster I ever did.   It shows I am human.   Why are people afraid to show their soul?”