The Interview

2015.01.03 Yesterday, it was Jackson's idea for us all to go to downtown Pittsburgh where they were having a rally for the Steelers at the old courthouse. The NBC Sports Sunday Night Football bus was parked outside and they were going to let people come in to see it. Jackson was first in line, and when he went in, he was so enthusiastic the guys running it all laughed. Then they gave him a hat, a microphone and asked him to interview the people coming in. "Who do you think is going to win the game?" "What do you think the score will be?" "How do you spell Roethlisberger?" If they failed at that, he would ask, "How do you spell Brown?" Asher got in the show with his touchdown dance. The men on the bus were so incredibly nice. They posted this shot on Instagram. Video should be posted later today -possibly on the the pre-game show.