Jackson at One

Stephie woke up a year ago early on the morning of our third anniversary, and said she was going to give me the best anniversary present ever.   It was the ultimate in understatement.   Yesterday was the first dual birthday/anniversary celebration and it was a thrill.  My mother is here in Maplewood, and Stephie's Mom and Dad joined in singing on a very happy virtual blow out.  You can check out an excerpt of the birthday videochat at:  http://gallery.me.com/glange1#100002 Maybe finally turning the corner on all my hestations with putting all the personal stuff up here.   Editing to the point of omition seems foolish.  Stephie's Dad, Steve who you see in the video is down at Duke beginning treatment for brain cancer this week.  You can see the attitude we have in this battle on the video.  Steve and Janet set up a blog last week which I have been really involved in, and it has instantly brought our extended family together.   1200 hits in one week!  Hoping it gets my blogs up to speed again.  So inspired having a private dialogue in public, which is what this is all for.