Jackson is asleep on my shoulder

Jackson woke up crying.  After awhile I went in and got him.  He sat up with tears on his cheeks, handed me his blanket, reached out his arms, and let me lift him up.  If he knew Stephie was around he would not settle down for me.  We decided to have Stephie hide and when Jackson didn’t see her he laid his head on my shoulder, sighed, and drifted off.


Jackson’s is asleep on my chest.  His head buried in my shoulder.

Suddenly everything in the world is well.

Anyone who is fighting has closed their lips and put down their weapons.

People at arm’s length are holding out their hands and inviting the other one back in.

All the snow is fluffy and light and quiet and dreamy.

All the cars are electric and all the food is natural.

Jackson is asleep in my arms.

I can hear his breathing and feel his heartbeat.

I can whisper to him how much he is loved and it fills his dreams.

Jackson has no words yet, but he is asleep on my shoulder and everything is understood

Jackson is not little and he is not big.

Jackson is trying to figure a lot of things out with his fingers and his feet.

Jackson’s eyes are more focused on the string than the view.

Jackson is asleep in my arms and I can feel the curve of the earth.

Jackson’s head on my shoulder is his gift to me for the applesauce and the lick of ice cream.

Jackson’s is asleep and he trusts I will lay him down softly.

Jackson is asleep and even now if I touch his head,

It will bring good luck.