Jackson Reads The Times

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I have no control over this.   Looked in Jackson's playroom and he was reading the newspaper on his hobby horse.   Knew by the time I got the camera he would be onto something else.  Got it anyhow, and recorded this.  It is funny trying to take pictures (moving or still) and not being able to repeat, direct, or by my own rules even talk.  Jackson is totally aware of the camera, but demands I be a documentarian rather than direct our little scenes.  Being 2009, he crawls over and sits in my lap every few minutes to see what we have done.

Stephie's father is visiting us without her mom.   A break for them from a winter of fighting off the cancer bear.  Having Steve here having beaten the prognosis odds down to submission feels like such a gift.  Seeing him so excited to be working on illustrations for the  "Papa letters" book with Stephie is the perfect andidote from a winter of uncertainty.

Jackson is napping.  I can see Stephie and her Dad dissappearing up the street holding hands.  The graduation party from accross the street last night is being cleaned up.  Mowers are grooming lawns.  I am watching a flag wave through the trees.  It is Memorial Day weekend.   So aware of seasons now.  Want to see how long I can hold my breath with this moment inside of me.