Jackson's Last Day of Kindergarten

What can I say? All I want to do is hold onto every single moment. Those walks to school holding hands. Other days trying to catch up as his brother, Asher chased Jackson on his scooter. Playing so hard before school, then switching gears and getting so serious in line before being swallowed up by the oldest working elementary school in Colorado.And then the story I didn't think it was right to share. Where his teacher, Kim came to Jackson's Little League game, which was so sweet and so generous. I sent her a thank you note and she wrote back, "I loved seeing Jackson in his element! I think if you looked up 'joy' in the dictionary there should be a picture of Jackson. He is one of a kind." Every child is special. Every child deserves to be under "joy" in the dictionary. I just can't tell you how moving it is everyday to be sharing my life with this child of mine, who I am so proud of, and gives us all so much joy. At the end of the day our friends roasted a whole pig for a last day of school celebration. Farm to backyard Boulder style. The kids jumped in the air, burned their homework and then their marshmallows.