I have skipped a beat here.  Not that the ball has been in the gutter.   I have been setting up the pins and trying to knock them over and over and over.   In the last two weeks: Birmingham, Augusta and Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Columbus.

Listening to Mac Miller’s,”Best Day Ever” which makes me  happy.   Listening to Dan Bern singing “Jerusalem”, which reminds me of when I met Stephie.  Listening to the This American Life show on “Kid Politics” which reminded me that for some science is not proof.

Reading about Israel in the Times today - the revolution stops there.   Got a phone call when I was at Trader Joe’s on Friday to go to Israel.  I was with Jackson alone -normally don’t answer the phone when I am alone with him.   Had to take  this one.  Was leaning against the bananas trying to wrap my head around a fast trip to Israel when Jackson’s cart fell, Jackson was in tears over his spilled strawberries and Cheerios, mother’s were looking for the delinquent parent, and I had to hang up fast while still being sincere.

Reminded me of two summers ago.  Got stuck in a hot elevator on 28th street with alot of really sweaty men.   Slunk down to the floor.  Just as I was about to slip into a full claustrophobic fit, my phone rang.  It was Glenn Beck.  He started talking about what a sacred site the Alamo is.  How he wanted to go there and take some pictures.  He wanted to go the very next day.

From Dan Bern’s “Jerusalem”:

I spent ten whole days in Jerusalem

Mmmm Jerusalem sweet Jerusalem

And all I ate was olives

Nothing but olives

Mountains of olives

It was a good ten days

I like olives

I like you too

And if you must put me in a box, make sure it's a big box

With lots of windows

And a door to walk through

And a nice high chimney

So we can burn burn burn everything that we don't like

And watch the ashes fly up to Heaven

Maybe all the way to India

I'd like that