Joan Rivers

I remember the working title of the book as, “Why Men Like Big Boobs - the Joan Rivers Guide to Plastic Surgery.”   It later became, “Men Are Stupid...And They Like Big Boobs.”

When Joan Rivers first saw the plastic boobs she said “no, no, absolutely not, I won’t wear those.”   When she emerged from the dressing room, she was sporting them like a pro. The shot ended up on the cover of her book.  This shoot also appears in the Break Thru Films documentary, “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.” - see clip below.


I remember using my entree into Joan’s world to get into a gay club in Chelsea to see her several nights later.   I was dying of thirst the whole show.  There was a glass of water on my table but I didn’t dare reach for it.   I would have choked.  I have never laughed harder or longer in my life.


Weeks after that Stephie and I saw Joan in Nashville.  She was completely insane from the moment she stepped on the stage. So wrong. So caustic. So incredibly funny. Afterwards we went backstage and she was the sweetest, warmest, kindest person you have ever met. 


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