Leaving at Sunrise

2015.10.26I woke up this morning to the sound of zippers. Closing my bags for another work trip just before dawn. Then all the windows began to glow with the sunrise. I looked out the skylight in the bedroom and the clouds all puffy and pink. I carried my bag downstairs and heard the boys already talking. Stephie was laying with Asher. Jackson was watching something and I gathered them all onto the porch. Boys wrapped up in their blankets. Stephie wrapped in the part of the day she would rather me not take pictures. I knew better than to use my iPhone to capture the morning, they are color blind to the first pink of dawn. I grabbed my big camera. There was much less light than I thought (maybe that is why the iPhone over compensates to bright and blue). Stephie held the boys and they all once again indulged me. I don’t have to make excuses about taking these pictures anymore. After a couple of images, the boys ran back into the warm house. Stephie opens the screen door and whispers to me, “that is what the Lange family does.” Zip up my camera case. Zip up my tripod case. Zip up my knapsack and I am off.