Let’s Get Out of Here

Jackson and I woke up Saturday morning and took the 8AM New Jersey Transit double decker train to New York City. Jackson recited every stop with the computerized conductor. “Daddy, Brick Church is my favorite stop in the whole world.” “Secaucus. Watch the gap!” We went right to the Empire State Building. After being hustled on the sidewalk, we went through security, waited for tickets, waited for the elevator. None of the lines were long – but they snaked us through 2 gift shops, a penny stamper, and a come on for 16 extra floors. They took our picture holding hands in front of a green screen, with the Empire State Building superimposed behind us. We went up 80 floors in one elevator, another 6 in another. We bundled up, and pushed open the heavy steel door. It was a spectacular morning. The view was over ten miles. We could see everything. I was so excited to lift Jackson up and show him Brooklyn and the Stature of Liberty and Central Park in one breath. Jackson looked out, then looked back at me and said, “Let’s get out of here.”

On the way down our ears popped. On the way out they had the shot of us available for $20. I passed. “Daddy, you don’t want that picture?”

When we got back to the street, Jackson looked up at the Empire State building. He then lowered his gaze a bit and looking up at me asked, “Daddy, pick me up!”