Letter to Papa


This is today's letter from Jackson to his Grand Dad Steve down at Duke Medical Center, getting ready to start all the crazy stuff this week.  We are listening to www.lastfm.com this afternoon. We put in "Tom Waits" and they are playing the most incredible mix of songs. Then just as I started writing this, Johnny and June Cash started singing, "Jackson." We live for that stuff.


I am sitting on the roof of the car. I am sitting on the post of our porch. I am sliding down the wall from the ceiling to the floor. I am trying to walk holding only one hand. My mommy is wearing the 'Obama Wins' shirt she made. It is only Monday and my head is spinning!

I cannot figure out what are dreams and what is reality. Do I only dream when my eyes are closed? Are all these red and yellow leaves real? I have been wanting to ask you why my parents laugh so much? They just start laughing, then I laugh, then they laugh harder and then no one can breathe that well and we have to all go to separate rooms so we don't throw up. So my question Papa is this: What is so funny???

All these people came to our house on Saturday and played with me and ate cupcakes and gave me presents (even though Mommy said, 'No presents' - I sent everyone a text message saying presents were okay). Mommy had the whole downstairs decorated with balloons and stuff all over the walls. It was a really warm day and we went outside and got spun around and played on the swings. Most of the other kids could walk and some could talk - but no one had a papa who played the big double bass and loves copper. No one had a Granjan whose hair is like Lady Godiva's. A couple of the girls seemed really shy, and wore summer clothes. One of the boys had two big teeth on the bottom and more hair than me (actually ALL the boys had more hair than me). One of the grownups ate 3 cupcakes and pretended he didn't. My dad tried not to take too many pictures and embarrass me, then, like usual, out came the big camera.

My granny A was here all weekend, then packed up and left today. She has ALOT of energy I am not kidding. She talks and plays and goes for walks and likes to play with me and feed me, then suddenly she is sleeping. She likes to fall asleep with her clothes on and then pretend she didn't miss anything. She has all kinds of ideas how my Dad can do things better. He makes his eyes do weird things when she is telling him better ways of organizing the refrigerator and cleaning up the porch. This morning my Dad and I dropped her at Terminal A. I wouldn't let her kiss me when she left. I don't like goodbyes at all! We love her visits and miss her when she goes even though we can barely keep up when she is walking with us.

Late last night after I went to bed, my mommy stayed up writing thank you notes for the presents I got. She stayed up too late. Still, it was all worth it.

We all missed you and Granjan something awful this past weekend. We are going to visit you soon. Mommy promised. Even though she is sleepy right now, I know she means it. I may let her have my afternoon nap.