Life Every Voice and Sing

Terry Gross asked Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates today, "What do you think this will mean to your 8 year old son?"   He responded, "There is alot of talk about what will be the effect of having a black president. On people his age and actually younger who won't enter into the world with the idea that a black president is somehow insane.   It will be a seismic shift.   I did not expect to see a black president in my lifetime.   For black folks, this came out of left field.  We were really, really surprised.  You have to remember Barack Obama could not even get into the Democratic National Convention in 2000.   It completely blindsided us.  I didn't expect that.  For my son it will be completely different. It is very difficult for me to imagine."

imagine sitting in a church in Maplewood for Martin Luther King's 80th birthday celebration today.  Outside it is snowing the biggest flakes.  Inside our community of black and white and asian and jew and muslim and christians, little babies and old folks - and us in-between - and we all Lifted Our Voices and Sang.  We thought about how big we can dream and that sometimes...someway....prayers do get answered.