Listening in


Jackson is listening for what Asher cannot yet say.   My only way into photographing Asher so far is through Jackson and Stephie.  The pictures of Asher alone don't feel quite right.   I know the second child syndrome.  I know the challenge.   I can't say I know exactly where this is going.  Even this blog.  How are we going to share it?   At least the camera is back in my hands and images are starting to take shape.

Sometimes I think I just need to take a picture of what Asher looks like.   Sometimes I only want to photograph that feeling of him on my lap on the front porch this afternoon when the leaves were falling and the air so warm.    Sometimes I try taking mental pictures like Jackson was doing today.   He was looking up at the orange and yellow and red trees, making a clicking sound, then closing his eyes to remember it all.   Okay, I taught him that trick.   I just hope his internal hard drive has more memory than mine.