Little Rock 'N Roller

Went to see Steve Earle last night in the city.  Long rambling concert - really amazing songwriter  - not the most amazing performer - but the songs were so good they carried the day.  The song he pulled out at the end - a little lullaby called, "Little Rock 'N Roller" he prefaced by talking about his father, Jack who passed away this past year and talking about his 2 year old nephew Jackson....well....I was crying away in that village church late last night.

It is weird all these new feelings.... Jackson crawls further under my skin everyday.  If I am lucky and get up just before him, I can sneak into his room and watch him first waking up into the new day.  Then slowly, he discovers me.  Looks over shy and almost coy.   We don't say anything.  He  picks himself up and reaches through the crib to pull on me....then reaches up into my arms.  First thing every morning we go to the closed blinds and slowly open them up. "what kind of day do we have Jackson?" I ask him as the morning light floods  into the window as he is grinning, reaching out.  We open the blinds then I say, "we can do anything we can dream up today".

And he believes it.

And so do I .