Local Theater

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Who allows herself to be appreciated. To accept herself as whole and gives everything. Who trusts the camera by staring right back and saying, “this is me.”

I had an assignment to photograph 4 woman - all incredibly accomplished - all in their 40's - all involved together running Local Theater Company in Boulder. I was expecting to shoot them in a pretty normal setting looking like we all think they should look. Instead I arrived to everyone wanting to play - fearlessly. It is so much fun when I am completely trusted. I know how to protect my subjects, but the greatest joy is when we can make the box we build around ourselves so much larger. With lots of windows and a big door that opens.

Pesha Rudnick, Mare Trevathan, Rachel Fowler, Megan Mathews.The 5th annual Local Lab is this weekend at Etown in Boulder. 3 Days. 3 Plays. 3 Master Classes. And parties... ‪#‎LocalLab‬ and @localtheaterco#shootyourlife#unforgettablephotograph