Entering Macworld today.  Hooking up at an unknown Hartford location.  Have no clue where this one is going to go.  But it is going to be fun.   Look at everyone watching Mac's video, "Knock Knock" after the sedar in Pittsburgh.

I am not sure why Mac's music has gotten under my skin - but it has.   Infectious.  Empowering.  Not exactly sure what I can bring to the party - but seeing a couple of shows and hanging out a bit will help figure it out.  I always start by looking around, keeping my ear to the ground, gaining trust, flying without a net.

Mac and I share one big thing - even though we are years apart.  We both graduated from the same high school in Pittsburgh  with very clear passions that would map our futures.  Mine has carried me through years of searching, creating - opening the most unlikely doors with my work.   Being a photographer has steered my ship - from my parents house to the White House and all over the world.  Stephie says, "the work leads to the work" - and that is always the case.

Mac is the son of a childhood friend from Pittsburgh.   He is 19 and just tearing it up.  Millions and millions of You Tube downloads.  Check it out Knock Knock.  Check it out Donald Trump.  Check it out Nikes on My Feet.   He lives for his music and lets everything else work itself out.

Mac is bombarded with all kinds of people wanting a piece of the action.  I need to be clear, I am not that guy.   I am interested in our shared backgrounds, and what he is doing creatively.   I am hoping I can bring something to the table - but this is being approached as a personal project - not something I am doing for any reason short of great art.

Lots of music in the studio this morning.   Lots of Mac.   Pharoahe Monch and Jill Scott's Still Standing.   And thinking about how Patti Smith's  Piss Factory relates to Mac's, Donald Trump.  More on that one soon.