Milking Goats

I asked my new summer friend, Veronica Volny if we could visit Margaret Hollander who runs Capering Goat Dairy - a tiny goat farm on the outskirts of Boulder.   Veronica said if only for the espresso that Margaret then squirts milk right from the goat into the cup - it was a great idea.    Being there in the little milking barn with Margaret for her morning ritual was so incredible.   The goats walk in great style, one by one, like they are going to a dance.   Margaret is so in touch with these animals with her daily ritual - and it serves her being in touch in a most special way with herself.   She talked about working with animals being so pure - because they have no ego involved, no agenda, no self-consciousness They come in to be relieved of their glorious milk, which foams at the top.    She filters it then fills glass jars for friends.   Other milk is then made into the freshest goat cheese.   Her refrigerator reminded me of a Margiela store - all white on white on white.   After they got their cut of a pear at the end, each goat posed for me on their own.