Missing Tooth and Relish


At Jackson’s elementary school they send 3-4 kids home everyday with a tooth necklace. A rite of passage the tooth fairy felt special enough to leave the $2 bill without taking the tooth that has lived in the top of his smile for over 8 years.

Last night at dinner my son Asher, (age 5) asked if I liked relish. “Well Asher, I don’t LOOOVE relish.” Then he asked, if my father, Jack (who has been gone since 1998) liked relish. I didn’t know the answer to that. I know he liked yellow mustard. I called my mother and she wasn’t sure either - but she said, “he loved garlic pickles.”

Like most families across America we spent breakfast talking about what we would do with a billion dollars. Jackson, imagined buying the sports palaces he visits in Denver. The whole ritual of going to a game now involves a horrible maze of cost vs. privilege. “Dad I KNOW $180 for these seats to the Winter Classic is too much and I am fine without going BUT do you want to see where the seats are?” “DAD, for only $120 total we can sit way up here for the Nuggets.” If Jackson won the lottery he would be sitting in the first row for every Nuggets game, every Rockies game - AND - would see if there was enough money leftover to buy Heinz Field. Then...at the end of breakfast, he said, “If I won the lottery I would buy a plane so I could visit my grandmother’s for the next 20 years.”

Unfortunately I have never bought a lottery ticket. Don't believe in them, but love the dreams.