Mood Agent

Your choice on Spotify.

As for me....I am listening to Maggie Hamilton today.   I had my head out the window talking to her. Watching the clouds' indecision of what kind of day they wanted to give us.  Watching the parking lot squeeze tight.  Trying to zoom out into the big picture. And breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.....

A client last night asked if they pay me more, will I work harder?   We both laughed hard at that one.  I don't even know less than 1000 per cent.   The compensation is great, but not the motivation.

Listening to this old Warren Zevon song which was the soundtrack for the last blog post:

Watching Will Epstein's thesis from Brown - Will is an old friend.  This piece is so soulful and beautiful.  Like Will.

Then the new King Charles album - which I am not sure I love..... - although my 1 year old is singing Bam Bam NON-stop!  Is that okay?