Morroco in our hands

Waited in the longest line at the market  in Antwerp for the best sandwich we have ever eaten. Felt like the entire country of Morocco was wrapped in our hands.  All within one freshly baked lavash was: goat cheese, artichokes, marinated mushrooms, garlic, and onions, dolmas, large grilled sweet peppers, a handful of olives, figs, and topped with drippings of honey.   Served with a small glass of sweet mint tea, we sat with it dripping between our legs.  Appetizer, main course and dessert all in one wrap.   Being made behind a gigantic table of filo pies, baklava, olives…olives…with vegetables, every spice you can imagine…mountains of olives.  Rolled ourselves drunk back to our bicycles and could only go back to the room for a nap. _B9P4848