Mother's Day - A Work in Progress

Everything I have to say about Stephie, everything I love about her, everything I can share - is in our new, “Inside” video.   It is just about ready.  It is the most personal work we have ever done, and the most beautiful.  If you write to the studio ( - put “Inside” in the subject line), we will send you a link for the work in progress.  If are more patient, it will be posted on our website next week.

Mother’s Day was wanting to be together.  Waking to wishes flying off the ceiling fan. Over pancakes from Poppycock’s.  With the boys on the spring grass.   Just the two of us at a picnic of truffled pate and sweet melon where we made it past reality into dreamland.    The day crowned by a feast cooked up by our good friend Scott Mowbray.

Mother’s Day with Stephie, who has taught our sons more from her patience and love than any lessons they will ever learn.   Mother’s Day wishes to my mother in Pittsburgh, who sang with Jackson and Asher over a video chat.  Mother’s Day wishes to Janet Cook who will be in her garden for the foreseeable future, with all of us ready for a glass of wine and walk through the blooms.