New Geography

The short story is this: My brother got sick last May in Boulder.  I went out for three weeks to take care of him.  (he is doing much better now)   Fell in love with Boulder.  Just loved everything about it.   Then my kids and Stephie came and loved it even more. Decided to move. Packed up Maplewood, put the house up for sale, and found a house to rent in Boulder.  Packed up the van, lived like gypsies all of August - so freeing living with the essentials and nothing else.   Had a joke with my 2 year old.   When he came in every morning before our eyes were open, I would ask him, “Asher, what kind of day do we have?”    Everyday he would peek under the shade and say, “Sunny!”    Every single day he was right.

Worked on two great new videos in July, along with the still shoots.   Let the studio do what it does best - which is evolve with change.    So much is working virtually anyhow - it was easy.   Jane retouching in Brooklyn.   David editing and shooting on the videos while playing traffic cop with the still files.   Jeremy running the big still shoots by request.   Stephie working the videos before, during and in post to bringing everything into focus.  Maggie Hamilton helping to steer the ship from LA.    Opened up an office in Boulder where I am writing this.   There are bunch of new people here jumping on the moving train.    Monika is in town this week from NY - her first trip to the mountains.   Got within feet of wild Elk last weekend with huge antlers. She organized us at both ends of the move.   Monika is our secret weapon....emphasis on the secret.

Shot last week in LA - had a famous baseball player sign a ball for me, then looked at the ball and it read, “Babe Ruth.”    Went in my favorite men’s store on Third St. and they gave me a pair of boots in exchange for some pictures.  To Atlanta tomorrow for TedX Atlanta with my friend, Barbara Griffin, then shooting the next few days.    Early October to NY to celebrate my brother’s birthday at Sharon Gannon’s farm in Woodstock.

I have written this post at least a dozen times over the summer.   Did not know how to write about the move.   When I was at RISD I was constantly reminded that if a person is smiling in the picture it is not art.  I was born wired for joy.   Just the way the circuits were constructed.   Have spent most of my life trying to search for that place, photograph in that place, live in that place, and share that place.

I was driving to the airport last week in LA with a smile on my face that was painful.  It was just bursting.  I was heading home.  To Boulder.

Neil Young is quoted in last week’s NY Times Magazine, ““For whatever you’re doing, for your creative juices, your geography’s got a hell of a lot to do with it,” he said. “You really have to be in a good place, and then you have to be either on your way there or on your way from there.”


(This picture was taken last night in Boulder by Scott Mowbray - a good friend, and co-author of a book we are finishing up for Workman Press titled, "Shoot Your Life."  That is Stephie waving from the back of our new scooter.  There is nothing I love more than riding with Stephie holding onto me. Have also been obsessed recently with showing what WE look like rather than always what we are looking at.  )