New Humanism

Dawn broke with Asher lying arms spread between Stephie and me. Stared at their lips.

Read David Brooks on the train coming in today.  Felt like a rush of truth.  Like he had laid out a manifesto of what I have been photographing all this time.   YES it is simplistic!   YES it is only a series of ideas.   But the ideas ring true.  “We emphasize things that are rational and conscious and are inarticulate about the processes down below. We are really good at talking about material things but bad at talking about emotion. “

Listening to Regina Spektor - Live in London - love her.   Remember her singing, “Hallelujah” solo at a 92nd St. Y program on Jewish Songwriters.

Getting alittle messed up by comment sections.  I like a restaurant and it is trashed.  I love a show and I totally missed the point.   I go to recommend a hotel, a book, even the above mentioned David Brooks article and how can I be so ignorant!

With all that, I would so appreciate comments on the ipad app at the itunes store. Response so far has been so positive.  Want to share.