Next Spring at the White House

Got a call to photograph the Obama's early in the summer. Was so totally excited to get that call. Told Michelle Obama I had never had so many people wanting to carry my bags. Was warned from my client that I should not "gush" or appear in anyway "partisan". Told them I was the wrong man if that is what they wanted. Still got the job. Grew up a good liberal in Pittsburgh huddled under Natalie Meyer's big fur coat with the "Don't Eat Grapes" label sewn on the inside. I am totally partisan with everyone I shoot. And I gush! I glorify my subjects. Cannot shoot subjects I do not totally believe in. Halfway through the shoot I told the Obama's, "I have not been to the White House in 8 years since I don't photograph Republican politicians." I paused and then declared, "And I am planing to go next spring!" Barack laughed said, "Come on!" I think it might be time to add to the dictionaries on our computers: "Barack" and "Obama." obama.jpg