No Bitchin'

Just as I was bitchin' about my favorite winter hat being left in a rental car in the desert last week, my camera going to Mexico without permission, this fucking reverse auction that a very big computer company thinks is a good idea (we proudly came in 12 out of 12!) - I get notice that one of my personal videos got accepted into Arles.  They accepted the video of kids flying through the sky at our local pool last Labor Day.   I have done several versions over the past years.  you can view the most recent one here: Arles: The International Photography Festival known as "Les Rencontres d'Arles" was created by Lucien Clergue , Jean-Maurice Rouquette and Michel Tournier in 1968. More than forty years later this festival is definitively, the most important event around photography in the whole world.

Reverse Auction:  A type of auction in which the roles of buyers and sellers are reversed. In an ordinary auction (also known as a forward auction), buyers compete to obtain a good or service, and the price typically increases over time. In a reverse auction, sellers compete to obtain business, and prices typically decrease over time.