No More Pictures

(taken on the subway this morning just before we got to the museum)

What is the worst threat a child of mine can make?

I am four years into the best subject I have ever had. The subject that changed everything about the way I photograph and see the world. The subject I love more than I could ever describe except through the pictures. The subject who makes me laugh until I am sick, makes me cry from joy, and who has teaches me more about beauty and love than I have ever known.

I live in fear that one day he will turn to me and say, “no more pictures.” and that will be that. I got a small taste of that today. Jackson wanted a toy train at a museum store in New York, one that he already had. I said no. He searched through his pocket of reasons we should get it, then brought this one out for the first time,” Dad, if you don’t get me this train, you can never take pictures again!” He got me, but I needed to understand what he really meant. “Not take pictures of who?” I asked. Jackson explained, “Me or anyone you photograph at work.” I did not give in - we got a green eraser.....but I was given notice.

Asher is still waving his flag and smiling for me if Jackson ever pulls the curtain closed....somehow though, I don't think that will happen. I think Jackson enjoys looking at the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them. For now, they are his stage to perform on. And he loves performing.

As for Asher, he holds even more cards than Jackson.