Normal is really art

A friend said, "You don't edit your blog!"   But I do.    A part of me wishes that I didn't - but it all sounds so self serving if I don't. the process of editing I am leaving something out.  I have left it out for years.  It is the part where you take your work out into the world and say, "This is important."    Doing the work has always been my passion and pleasure.   Considering it important - let alone imagining it as "art" I have always kept at arm's length.   Yet now, as I finally come to grips with the body of work, as opposed to the daily creations, something very new seems to be emerging.

Two weeks ago I spent several days talking about the experiences that feed the photography at Workman Press.  They made me sit and  explain what had happened in each picture and how they all relate.  Part of me is so uncomfortable doing that - yet - it freed me.

Last week I met with an incredible group from Hall & Partners gathered in Chicago.  It was the first time showing the new videos to a large audience.   Their response - calling out, laughing, crying - all felt like a validation I had never heard before.

Then Pedro called again today from Paris.  I was scribbling madly as he told me what I could never admit to myself until these last weeks:

"I know you see your work as normal, but you need to understand what you think of as normal is really  art."

So here is a picture from this last Sunday morning.

Tomorrow Stephie and I are off to Columbus to direct our first video for Google.

The work still leads to the work....but now...maybe...there is an afterlife.