Not Again



On this winter day when Donald Trump seems to be in line to win his first primary along with his GOP opponents not being able to twist the truth around enough for their liking….. Amid all the vitriol about OUR president (whom I admire and respect) and our country being told to recreate the past, I would like to gently chime in about this moment.

I was brought up by a mother who has insisted we live in the present. No time for nostalgia. No time for looking ahead too far. That means that as much as she loves the house she has lived in since she was four, that she has little emotional attachment to her home. It means as much as you miss all who have gone, it is essential to make new young friends all the time.

It also means - that as good as things might have been in America before this moment, that we are so much better off right now than ever before. We do not have to recreate what once was. We are living in a moment with the most extraordinary opportunities ever.

We can appreciate our global community in ways that are more human and allow us to be more connected than ever, and that is good.

We can welcome all immigrants to our shores as we are all immigrants, and that is good.

A tall, beautiful, incredibly talented young African American man is leading his southern team to the Super Bowl with grace and confidence - and that is good.

The climate is changing and anyone who allows themselves to acknowledge those scientific truths is changing their behavior and agreeing to protect our planet, and that is good.

Gay couples can come out safely and marry and raise children and that is good.

Women can stand up and demand equal pay, and that is good.

Education and healthcare are on the table as an equal right, not a privilege - and that is good.

We have tools to create our personal histories and share them in so many inspiring ways, and that is good.

Our children are being inspired to create a world where we all respect each other and treat each other with dignity, and that is good.

There is still plenty of ugliness going on - but I still believe in manners. If we can stick with the truth, treat others with respect, and maybe open the doors for each other - I think this moment holds more hope than any single moment in the past. At least that is how I am voting.

"Make America Great AGAIN" No thanks.