Not yet aftermath

seamusH Seamus Heaney - Dublin 1995


Boulder - 9.15.13

The ground is so wet that for days there will be the fear of terra firma transforming into quicksand.   Mud and water tearing through homes and businesses and schools breaking down all defenses.  Roads buckling under our weight.  Disgusting piles of soaked carpets torn out and piled everywhere.

Each step to Monday is pushed back by the new realities in a place where reality is usually baked in sunshine.    It is all a balance of gathering teachers, shoveling mud, and waving mirrors at rescue helicopters.

We always duck when we bicycle under the bridges along the creek.   Now we have to dismount and do the breaststroke.

We were lucky.  We stayed dry.   Islands in a newly formed sea.

Stephie and I  stayed up way into the morning crafting the Ted Talk I give next Saturday night.  Now I just have to memorize it.  Was given the technique of imagining the speech in different parts of something familiar like your house.   What if you are renting?

Got a massage from Karen Delorenzo this morning, then soaked with the boys in the rain.   Met Karen when she was pregnant with Malachi many years ago on my first assignment for Rolling Stone.   Went to Milwaukee to shoot the Violent Femmes, and stayed at the drummer, Victor Delorenzo’s  (and Karen’s) house for several days.  The total budget was $75.

Malachi was playing with Langhorne Slim at Red Rocks last night and came to pick up Karen who was staying at our house.  Then we all went to watch football at a local Boulder sports bar with Jackson.   Malachi was there laughing and cheering on his Packers.   Jackson’s head was spinning around to 10 TV’s all with different games.  Langhorne came in wearing a red knit hat and was that warm.

Before we had kids, Stephie and I followed Langhorne all over the UK.  Some nights they were playing for ten people.  Some nights alot more.  I told Langhorne how amazing it was how his career has evolved.  He said, “I would be doing this no matter what, but yes, it is really nice how many people love what we do.”

In the first 30 seconds of a massage you know exactly what you are in for.    When Karen first touched me on the table, I told her, I have been waiting 20 years for this massage.


 With Langhorne Slim and Jackson