Note to Papa

_b9p9151.jpgPapa, Everyday starts the same for me. I stand up in my crib and look around. Where am I? How did I get here? I then start to send little 'hints' to my folks in the next room sleeping. I clear my throat alittle bit, like you do while you are making the coffee. I hum that song about 'Sparklin' and Shinin'' If no one gets the hint I pretend like I am the newsman on NPR. I will say something in my deepest radio voice about Obama surging and that generally gets my dad going. Every morning he comes in and takes me to the window with the blind down. Then he asks me, 'What kind of day do we have Jackson?' (Jackson...that's me) I pull at the curtain and get excited. (He really likes that) He then slowly opens the blinds and says, 'Its a beautiful fall day' ( or 'it's a beautiful rainy day' He thinks EVERYDAY is BEAUTIFUL!). Then he says, 'You know what you can do today Jackson? Anything you can dream up.' And I think he believes it!

Most days I could never dream as big as my days are. Today we woke up and had pancakes with our friend, Julie. (Mom is STILL gone but I am giving her a free pass since she is with you and Granjen). Then we drove into New York City! I love all the people and all the noise. We went to my Dad's offce for awhile. I checked myself out in the mirror there - pretty cute almost one year old. I ate part of my Dad's turkey and avocado sandwich. I showed everyone my new trick of spitting out what I don't like. Cool new trick don't you think?? Then Kiko picked me up and took me to the coolest park! The pigeons were so funny to me. All the kids were real city kids. They had not met a boy like me with real Nashville roots. I think they thought my name was, 'Mr. Friendly.' I went up to every kid and tugged and pushed and made all kinds of new friends. I rode down the slide and climbed through tunnels and had a really really good time. I then went back to Kiko's loft and played and ate and had alot more fun. When my Dad picked me up to go home we laughed almost the whole way to the car. First I was sneezing and that was HYSTERICAL! Then I got the hiccups and we could not stop HOWLING. By the end we were just looking at each other and CRACKING UP.

Next thing I know, we are home and my Dad is changing me for bed and I am asleep in two minutes flat.

So I am actually writing this in my dreams. And I am dreaming about you. I am dreaming about you holding me under blossoming trees and laughing and having our pictures taken. I am dreaming about you playing your bass and mixing up the words to 'I will Walk with You' and making us cry like little babies. I am dreaming about all the good parts of your body ganging up on all the yucky parts and forcing them to surrender. I am dreaming that you unwrap a present with your name on it under the Christmas tree and I pop out of the box. I am dreaming that you are in the box with my name on it. It is a really, really big box, covered with lots of paper and ribbons. When I open it all up you are inside riding on a brand new Radio Flyer and I jump on and we go off down the driveway.

Mostly I am dreaming of looking out at the most beautiful day, dreaming my biggest dream of all - making you better.