Note to Papa

jacksonintheleaves.jpgPapa, Need some guy help from you. Was having a fun Saturday morning. My dad and I were getting the house all ready for Mommy's return: polishing the silver, ironing the sheets, hiding all the playboys....

Then my Dad went over to his computer and read what GranJen wrote in the journal this morning. First he sniffed alittle bit (are grown-up guys allowed to do that?), then his head started growing and growing and growing. Next thing I knew he was trying to get through the door and his big head got STUCK!

I was thinking of trying Boudreux's Butt Cream to get him unstuck. Is that the thing to use? I called Uncle John in Terre Haute and he said I should hold up a square donut and spray some WD-40 through it. I called Uncle Andrew and he said to leave Daddy in the doorway for awhile and eventually he would get unstuck on his own. I would do that, but we have to go pick up Mom at the airport. I called Uncle Mike in Nashville and he said to get my hands all wet in the toilet - which is one of my favorite things to do - and rub that all over Daddy's head. I called Tom and Nancy in Atlanta and they said to tell my Dad to breathe really deeply and tell him some Obama jokes. Papa, don't worry. In a pinch I can drive to the airport and pick up Mommy. We have done it so many times I think I could find Terminal C it with your eyepatch on.

Will keep you posted.