Note to Papa

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Papa Papa PAPA!

We both had great days! You and Granjan and Aunt Cheryl explored your new home away from home. Met new people. And found out that shoveling mulch and raking leaves can wait for the birds.

I got all bundled up in shoes with very tasty velcro laces ( I chewed them half the day), a funny orange hat that said 'New York' (I've been there), and all tanked up on a whole bottle of formula. Daddy was wearing his Obama shirt from New Orleans, and Mommy was looking like the most perfect fall day, which it was. We drove out to a swamp way out in the woods in New Jersey with boardwalks all over. I thought they only had boardwalks by the ocean even though no one has even taken me to a boardwalk by the ocean. We saw birds and turtles and dragon flies with red tails. This is the first fall I can remember. Last fall my eyes were still closed and I was too bundled up and everyone was making such a big fuss. All I remember about last autumn is being told it was an all you can eat buffet on my mommy's chest.

After the swamp we went to an apple orchard, and a woman with a witch hat talked us into buying apples all covered with spots. They were on sale for 'half off.' Since we were making apple sauce it seemed like a good idea to buy the ugly apples. I told the witch lady my Granjan would be very happy we bought the apples on sale. I told them to put it on our Macy's charge.

(this is a detour...but I feel like I have to tell you something Papa that scared my Dad and I when we were in Nashville visiting you. Granjan asked us to go to Macy's to pay a bill and told us a certain entrance to go in. Papa, my Dad and I were in the middle of the scariest women's underwear department and it was my first time ever IN a women's underwear department and everything was GIGANTIC! Bigger that you and me put together! Some of it looked like it was supposed to squeeze big women very tight from their knees up past their boobies. Some of the underwear needed 4 hooks to hold it up. We paid the bill and ran out really fast)

I have been thinking about my birthday this week Papa. I am so sad we are not going to be together that very day, but I wanted to ask you what numbers even mean? It seems like we have all these days that are all full of dreams and adventures, why do we have to number them? There are clocks everywhere and why does it matter what time it is? I like to think of each day like it is an orange I want to squeeze all the juice out of, even eat the skin. I want to spit the bad seeds out and then look for an even sweeter orange. Do you wake up each day next to GranJan and hold her and kiss her and think how lucky we are no matter what day of the week or month or year it is? Do you wake up and know from my very first breath how happy I am that you are my granddad? I will think about that on my first birthday and all the days in between that are all as special as birthdays.

There is a song on the stereo right now and the man is singing, 'we live in a beautiful world. yeah we do. yeah we do.' then he sings, 'everybody here has somebody to lean on.' After reading all the sweet notes in your guestbook I think you have alot of people to lean on. People who have leaned on you. Papa, even when we are in different cities, no matter what day it is, no matter what time it is...papa I lean on you. And Papa, even though I am only almost one year old, you can always lean on me.

I can smell the applesauce cooking all the way up in my room.

It's time for sleep now.