Notes from a Saturday Morning

I was with my neighbor  as the largest Home Depot in the world was getting ready to close 2 nights ago.   The idea was to split one machine between the two of us.  Even though it barely snows here anymore, and we don’t have a sidewalk. .   Got caught up in the needing stuff mode I have navigated around so successfully lately digging deep this winter into my sweater collection.   So we buy this big loud machine and wait a little too long to blow.   Snow was deep and wet and heavy.   I pushed this thing all up and down the driveway.  Watching the one wheel spin hopelessly and the snow barely thrown.  Spent twice as much on the Arian because of the metal blades, playing the role of the DIY guy I am so not.  It was not satisfying.    I was not proud afterwards.    I really like the way snow falls on it’s own, not the way it is blown by machines. Watched the old David Byrne movie, “True Stories.”   Stephie danced in the glow of the screen.  New moves.  Was great except for the climax on the big stage.  Kind of fizzles out.  Got inspired to see it after the William Eggleston show at the Whitney.   Loved that show.  Kind of work I was never was attracted to when I was younger.  Maybe I appreciate it now more than I am really into it.  Then watched a documentary on Sigur Ros called, “Heima.”    If you can find it on Sundance channel you should.  It is an astonishing piece of work –musically – VISUALLY!!  Will take your breath away.   Kind of a cross between Andrew Goldsworthy and maybe Robert Wilson if he worked in nature – with strange music from the gods.  Stephie sang along with glorious wails.  “Heima” is like a book you cannot put down.

The white snow outside makes the whole house brighter.  Especially love the snow acoustics.  Got a big box of ice cream and sorbets from Jeni Britton of Jeni’s Ice Cream delivered last night by UPS Snow Angel.  Perfect for a snowstorm.    Met Jeni in Columbus.   Had to meet her after trying the wares.   She is obsessed with finding the most intense flavors from local and small fair trade farms.  We had dinner and became friends.  I photographed the vanilla beans being unwrapped from Uganda like it was the most precious gold in the world.   They Fed Ex the goods all over.   Indulge.

Finally something from Leo Gerard (via Bob Herbert), president of the steelworkers union - summing up the government’s attitude nicely when he said: “Washington will bail out those who shower before work, but not those who shower afterwards.”