Ok. Smile.

Really.  It is not so bad.   I  sat with the crayons at the Maplewood Diner for breakfast this morning.  Drawing a wave of emotions for Jackson, my 3 year old.  Mostly happy, then a dip for something sad, then back up to happy.  That is how it works.

David Mishler, who works with me, and has really stepped up into the batter's box this week as the winds have shifted at the studio sent me this link after the weepy post on Monday: From Ted Talks - The Hidden Power of Smiling.

Got this shout out today.   Jerry and I are just beginning a great project together in Summit.  This Sunday we fired the gun to start the race:

THANK YOU again to Jerry Rotunno of .food in Summit for his AMAZING work in the Pink Honor Roll tent. He created a unique experience as a special thank you to our top participants. And, THANK YOU to George Lange who captured the experience with this fabulous photos! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

This song by Maria Alcina played on a David Byrne Brazil Mix I was listening to today on MOG - my new favorite music subscription service.  It sounded like the soundtrack for this post.

Cachorro vira-lata